Farm Seeker List

If you would like more information about these farm listings, please write down the Case Number, and call the Connecticut Dept of  Agriculture's Farm Link Program at (860) 713-2511. Remember, you must be a member of this program before any additional information will be supplied! thanks!


Case Number







My family and I are strong advocates of local food production, particularly focusing on those interested in helping themselves.  Our model is one that enables aspiring gardeners and homesteaders by providing them with the tools and the customized strategy to meet their goals more quickly, more effortlessly and more consistently than they would initially have thought possible, and with an eye on their return on investment.






Hello!  I am looking to lease 2-3 acres of tillable land in the NW corner with room to expand.  Water source for irrigation a must.  I have 6 years’ experience growing food organically with 3 of those years as farm management.  My goal is to supply a CSA, farmer's markets and family and friends with fresh, clean organic food.  I'm young, hard-working, healthy and happy!







Horse rescue seeks farmland with at least 5+ acres open land to use for pasture/horse turnout in approximately 20 mile distance from Mystic, CT.  Lease or purchase at reasonable price.  Barn preferred but not absolute requirement.  We can install fencing, run in shed.  Must have water/electric available.





LOOKING FOR FARMERS LAND OWNERS WHO NEED HELP ON THE FARM.  MUST BE WILLING TO HELP WOMEN BEGIN ANEW!!!!  Growlove Farms will be a working farm refuge for women and children who are on the path to begin their lives anew.  A transitional place to reconnect with healthy selves, lifestyles, exercise, routine, through learning to farm the land and producing vegetables, herbs, flowers, goats milk, eggs, maybe baby products?  5-10 acres with a greenhouse for the winter & housing accommodations for women & kids (trailers?)  Residents will be carefully screened and will be able to prove their commitment to their new lifestyle either via established sobriety and/or established distance from former abuser, or some means of proof.






Looking for a currently operational farm or orchard or land with the potential to operate a sustainable, organic farm.  Historic structures on site are a plus as the goal is to put an Inn on site and have room to hold social events.  If situated in the right area, would like to install a farm-to-table restaurant on the farm to utilize the crops grown on site in addition to those from area farms.






Feel God is leading me in the direction of farming.  I have four children that I want to live a wholesome life.  They agreed to help work the farm.  I know farming is hard work, but I have the determination and the will to make it work. Looking for a lease option/owner finance, preferably a working farm we can take over as it would be our main source of income, open to any type of farming including horses, crops, goats, chicken eggs, etc.  Thank you for your time!






I am a hard working Construction Project Manager and I have been farming my whole life.  I started working on a dairy farm in Massachusetts when I was 12 years old.  I have never been away from farming.  I assist farmers with hay, feeding and vetting of their animals.  I met my now fiance in 2005 and have had horses every since.  Nicola has 30+ years ' experience in boarding and breeding horses.  She grew up in England and moved to the States in 2001.  We still have two horses and two other horses that we take care of.  We are looking for a farm where we can expand our operation.  We love gardening.  We sell eggs.  I have kept a few beef cows.  We are looking for our forever farm.






Looking for pastoral bliss with green pastures, roughly 20-60 acres, stone walls and perhaps a stream or pond.  Would like to continue the stewardship and established farm or rebuild an old homestead with safe/sound farming practices, overall goal is to have 2-10 acre orchard.  A similar sized pasture for hay/animal feed, perhaps some dairy/livestock space, not overly concerned about housing but would like to have a barn and some out-buildings.










Husband and wife team interested in leasing and/or buying agricultural land in New London or Windham counties.  Must  have frontage on well traveled road(s) for retail farm (stand) location. Ideal farm would have minimum  50-250 acres tillable w/ sandy loam 30-60 pasture land, and 20-30 wooded. Less acreage would work depending on location (and distance) to  our current farm in Woodstock, CT.









I am seeking a small amount of land to use for an enrichment program for home schooled children in CT.  The only structure required is a simple building with access to a bathroom and the ability to be heated.  The ability to keep a dairy cow, a dozen chickens, and possibly other farm animals (small scale) is a plus.  Wooded acreage or connection to a nature preserve/hiking trails strongly desired.





Young couple and co-operator's of a successful Christmas Tree business are looking for crop expansion and diversification opportunities in the form of lease, lease to own, or outright purchase.  The ideal site would contain 10+ acres of tillable/pasture land, preferably with an existing home and farm structures. We currently use IPM practices on our trees and are planning for diversification into berries, pumpkins, cut flowers and veggies.  At this time we lease one property and can provide solid references for that tenure option.  Although we are happy to entertain a variety of scenarios and opportunities





Horse Breeder, Trainer and Riding Instructor is looking for a farm to develop a Trakehner Breeding operation. Ideally looking for a property that has a barn and living facilities. However, I am open to alternatives. I work full time in the Agribusiness industry and I am looking to augment my current income by promoting the Trakehner breed. I am an active member of the American Trakehner  Association. 






Continued devotion to 14 years in the field of horticulture and sustainable agriculture.  Developed greenhouse food systems using biosphere growing techniques.  Key person in obtaining USDA organic certification for the largest organic greenhouse system in New England.  Well connected to the restaurant/food distribution networks aligned with well-known organic and agricultural economic organizations, strong networking skills.




I have been farming row crop vegetables and tree fruit organically for 20 years.  I formerly managed marketing (7+ years) and daily farm operations at Fairview Gardens, a nationally-recognized urban farm and education center.  I currently manage a 63-acre ranch/estate which produces a wide variety of tree fruit and melons, watermelons, garlic, dried beans and cut flowers.  My wife and I are searching for a farm in the Northeast where our children, who live in New York City and are interested in organic farming, can join us now and succeed us in the future.  Our vision for the farm includes (1) a mix of tillable acres, pasture and woods to maximize farm health/fertility and income diversity; (2) rural/semi-rural location within reasonable driving distance of local markets, restaurants, and other sales points; (3) interest in a conservation easement to preserve the farm's integrity and agricultural future.      




Looking for acreage to grow vegetables 1-5 acres to start then more in the future.  Also, looking for smaller orchard and berry operation already established.


I would like to buy, rent or lease farmland in Hartford or Tolland counties.  I farm using sustainable practices with the focus being "No-Till".  I grow vegetables (green & wax beans, Zephyr squash, cucumbers, etc.).  I plan on raising livestock (rabbits, goats, pigs) based upon the amount of acreage I have available and the ability to grow feed.  This past summer, I successfully grew and sold vegetables on one acre and have plans to expand this coming summer.  I am a hardworking, creative, motivated, and educated beginning farmer.




Looking to lease up to ten tillable acres in Connecticut for an organic vegetable operation that will focus on CSA membership and four season farmers' market sales.  I have an extensive background in organic vegetable production, complete with management experience and a wide understanding of all aspects of production.  I am strongly committed to organic principles and believe soil building is at the core of successful and sustainable farming and essential to growing high quality produce.  Infrastructure such as storage building, greenhouse and irrigation needed, housing ideal but not mandatory.








Friends of Autistic People (FAP) is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to raising awareness of an providing needed services to adult children over 21 with autism. We are planning a Farm Living and Learning Academy Village to be located in Fairfield County. Adults over 21 with autism will be provided an individual curriculum that will help teach them self-help skills, farm related skills, arts, crafts and food preparation on the farm. The therapies will include speech/communication, sensory integration, and animal assisted therapies with horses and dogs. The farms will help these children become an integral part of society as they progress to their maximum potential. FAP aims to maintain an environment-friendly, organic farm, preserve open space, save animals to use in animal assisted therapies and act to leave the smallest care-footprint possible.  Not looking for a farm with fields, but a horse farm or a property that is open where we can establish a green house/s, track, trails, corral, stable, workshops, etc.







Certified organic farm looking for more land to expand operations. Currently farming 20 acres. Selling produce via farmers' markets, farm stand, and directly to retail and restaurant customers. Also, looking for pasture and hay fields for our meat goats.  Access to water a plus. Farm buildings such as greenhouse and sheds are a plus. Hartford/Litchfield counties preferred. Would be willing to take on non-organic land and seek certification as part of the lease.





Growing dairy industry herd in Middlefield. Horse farm. looking for additional hay lease land and corn lease land and pasture lease land. Looking for  30 mile radius of Middlefield.



08-0039 REVISED

Currently have a herd of registered Jerseys looking to relocate.  Open to tie stall or free stall operations.  Would consider a turnkey operation or something that needs work.  Also willing to team up with someone to do something value added or processing the milk.  Prefer land to grow crops but will look at purchased feed operations as well.  Willing to look at facilities that would accommodate anywhere from 30 to a few hundred head.





We are looking to purchase a farm with the intent of starting off small and work our way up to something larger. Ideally we would be growing organically with sustainability in mind. We are very resourceful and hands-on. Our background includes engineering, business degree and an interest in food, food production and producing organically. We like the idea of an antique home but this is not a requirement. We have fully restored and refurbished an antique home before.




Well qualified buyer seeks 5-50 tillable acres in Hartford or Litchfield County. Wish to produce primarily vegetables and fruit for commercial and charitable purposes.



Wish to purchase large acreage. Looking for farm with mixture of tillable fields and woodland with other farms as neighbors. Primary focus on high-quality soils for specialty crops and grass-fed livestock. New London County preferred.




Looking to open a new farm with 4-5 acres or more for organic vegetables, and small fruit. Prefer short term lease at first. Prefer housing close to land, but not necessary. Looking for land in New Haven or Middlesex Counties; special interest in Madison, Westbrook, and Guilford. Note: may want to have some chickens and goats.


I am  a young farmer looking to take over or buy a farm in Western CT. I would like to use permaculture and sustainable farming methods to produce fruits and vegetables for the local community. My formal education is in horticulture, and I currently co-run a nursery in Naugatuck. I have skills in propagation, breeding and care of annual, perennial and woody plants. I also have experience taking care of livestock (goats, pigs and chickens). My family has been farming for several generations and nothing would fulfill me more than to carry on their trade.




The Creative Living Community of CT is a 501(c) (3) not for profit corporation.







Ambitious, motivated, self-starter, looking to start a CSA in central CT. Seeking 3-5 tillable acres to sustainably grow vegetables, fruits, flowers and pastured eggs. One year intensive farm and business management experience. Short-long term lease, or work to own with eventual transfer to ownership. Excellent references and business plan available upon request.




Young, energetic farmer seeking farm to take care of and someday own. Willing to learn or work in any capacity. Need to hay fields and vegetables/fruit. Very handy with tractors, carpentry, and horse training.



We are a family of five, who have been homesteading and living holistically for several years. Allie is a certified herbalist who has been running an at-home/online herbal business for six years. Tom is a handy man/mechanic who can build and fix anything. And has experience with home renovations. We are seeking a small farm, 3-10 acres, within a 20 mile radius of Naugatuck (ie Oxford, Bethany, Bethlehem, Plymouth, Southbury and surrounding towns). Our plan is to grow herbs to sell and make herbal remedies for sale. Grow vegetables for eating, canning and selling. As well as raise a small amount of livestock such as goats, chickens and alpacas for milk, eggs and wool to sell. We are willing to work to own.





Young farmer looking to incubate fledgling farm organization, or join existing one. Previous experience focused on growing vegetables in rows and raised beds with draft horses and caring for cows, sheep, horses as part of a fertility program and small scale meat production. Trained with former Alan Chadwick apprentice for last 2 years in CA, lots of experience living/working with apprentices.




Looking to lease a small plot of tillable land to grow herbs and vegetables. Will also work under a farm on his/her farm. Have been in the greenhouse business for 5 years, growing organic herbs and vegetables.  Love to sell my stuff at the farmers markets or help develop new ideas with a working farm to expand production and turn over the farm in the future.



Looking to lease a small plot of tillable land to grow herbs and vegetables. Will also work under a farm on his/her farm. Have been in the greenhouse business for 5 years, growing organic herbs and vegetables.  Love to sell my stuff at the farmers markets or help develop new ideas with a working farm to expand production and turn over the farm in the future.




Young farm business cultivating only heirloom vegetables, looking for 2+ organic acres. Ideal situation would include housing, be within 25 miles of Storrs/Mansfield, have a barn for tractor storage and cooler. Seeking long term lease/lease to own, open to other options. Business entering second year of farm to chef sales and market growing. Currently in the Community Farm of Simsbury's Incubator Farmer Program.




Looking to lease or purchase farm land for crop production and suitable for horses, goats, chickens, and a small (3-4) group of beef cattle.  Preferably preserved farmland w/buildings. 20+ years of farming experience and looking to start my own farm. Interested in  sustainable and organic farming and livestock raising/production.




Looking to lease up to 5 acres for hot peppers. Willing to consider many different options including maintenance road side stand etc in exchange. Highly motivated and would like to start even before Spring sets in.




It's been a goal of mine for more than 20 years to own and run full time my own pick your own fruit orchard to supply patrons with an avenue to pick fresh high quality fruit for them and their families. I have run a business for 34 years now and have experience in the growing of plants.




Growing dairy farm in Middlefield looking for additional land to plant and harvest corn silage, hay and alfalfa.


Looking for 50-200 acre farm with no development rights for feeder calf operation. Some woodlands & wetlands ok.



Looking for land 10-20 acres, to plant oil producing plants. Oil will be used to run diesel equipment, etc. Partnership or lease, plants will produce oil after 1.5-2 years, plants will grow in any type of soil, desert, etc. The crop has high light level of carbon absorption fro the atmosphere, reducing pollution. Therefore the crop will also earn carbon credits.



Looking to buy or lease land either tillable or for hay production. Would grow organic if owner desires. If for hay production, it must be at least 15 acres. Willing to negotiate terms.



My family and I have been operating a tree farm in West Greenwich, RI for the past 50 years. I am interested in purchasing a parcel of land in Eastern Connecticut to farm with nursery stock and Christmas trees. We would be interested in purchasing the property first and leasing as an alternative. The ideal property would be at least 25 to 50 per cent cleared, with good soil. Another positive would be that it is  located on a main road with ample frontage.



Young couple with 6 years experience farming and operating a CSA. Seeking 20 plus acres for vegetables, berries and cut flowers. Open to long term lease, sale or management position. Interested in practicing organic or sustainable methods. Prefer Connecticut River Valley or other area of state with good vegetable growing soil.



Father and son want to buy farm. Need fair price range-unable to compete with developers. Prefer existing farm to buy outright or work-to-own, or a combination of two. Want to help keep a farm going. Plan to develop a multifaceted operation. Interested in growing vegetables for the wholesale markets in the major Connecticut and Rhode Island metro areas; would establish an on-farm retail stand; possibly raise grass fed beef; chickens, and pigs; would like to have land to hay for Connecticut/Rhode Island horse and construction industry within 50 miles from farm. Have pre-existing firewood business that would continue and expand. Father has a small apiary, with 10 hives, which is at various farms in the Groton, Stonington/North Stonington area. Goal is to increase the number of hives to 80 in the next 3 years and it would be nice to keep all the hives in one location at the farm.



Farmer with 20 years experience looking for farm, in or out of farmland preservation, in Fairfield, New Haven, or Lichfield counties. Would like to start or take over a working apple and peach orchard for a pick your own operation. I am looking for a minimum of 35 acres. With my experience I would also like to build a road side farm market. Looking for long term lease with option to buy or direct purchase of farm. Currently, I operate a 10,000 sq ft. retail farm market with a pick your own operation and 35 employees. I practice sustainable farming and am currently working on biotechnical methods of spraying orchards. I practice Agricultural Best Management guidelines when farming. I am a very active member in Agritourism. My wife is a certified teacher and brings over 20 years experience, and we would like to build a family business together. To summarize, I am looking to operate a working farm that educates our youth on the importance of agriculture.



Young Litchfield dairyman seeking farm to work to own or a long term lease. 8 years experience in the dairy industry. A barn needed for milking and 40 acres + for feed.



Worked on farm most of my youth have been away from farming for a long time. Would like to get back into farming either owning leasing or working with a farmer in partnership. Prefer organic farm with crops and livestock. Willing to learn all basic and advanced farm technologies. Willing to purchase or lease anywhere in CT. Looking for 50 tillable up to 100 acres land.



I am a hard worker who loves animals. We have two horses and have a deep desire to raise some cows and to grow veggies and build a better life for myself and my wife. I want to farm. It has been a life-long dream of mine and my wife's.



Brothers seek site and favorable terms to fulfill a joint project vineyard/winery and premier equine facility. Both brothers come prepared with past farm experience, have run their own businesses, and possess extensive knowledge and resources pertaining to both sides of the propose and business. As an asset of the community in which it resides, the operation will reach into the community through intended programs, will draw highly desirable visitors who will likely patronize nearby businesses, and will ensure the values of surrounding properties. These brothers and this operation is perfect for someone wishing to see his or her legacy of farming live on.



We are a young, hardworking goal-oriented family. We are seeking lease and rent options on a farm or parcel of land that would allow for livestock production as well as vegetable crops. We have little hands-on experience (working in my grandma's garden growing up) but we are gaining knowledge daily through research and limited farm interactions. A farm with a 3 or 4 bedroom house would be preferable.



Retired senior couple would like to rent, lease or buy 1-2 acres on a long term basis to plant regular vegetables, mostly beans and squash.  Looking for stability and close to  Hartford, like Bloomfield, Windsor, South Windsor, East Hartford, Newington, New Britain, and Rocky Hill. Trying to keep commute to land under 1 hour drive from Hartford.



Interested in building a small family-owned farm in New London/Windham county. Would like to purchase 10+ acres fro dairy farming. Looking to produce and sell raw milk products. Family has a strong interest in farming and support from other local farmers.



Successful farmer/cheese maker, marketer & entrepreneur seeks opportunity to re-establish. Ideal location would be in a good marketing area for on-site retail. Buildings for farm/animal use as well as housing are essential. Currently milking Jersey cows and Nubian goats for Internationally Award-winning cheeses, milk, & ice cream. Will consider most any opportunity.



My goal has always been to own and operate my own dairy business. I have recently left a professional career to pursue this this dream.  Currently own a small herd of 35 head. I am open to creative scenarios for win-win situations for all.



I am looking for a farm with some acreage greater than 25 to be used for livestock, dairy vegetable, or row crops depending on location. Housing may be required. I have some knowledge of equipment operations, a degree in  ag mechanics, and knowledge of livestock housing and feeding.



Young couple looking for 10+ acres to start our future on. Interested in raising livestock and feed necessary for growth. Both grew up with agriculture through family, 4-H and FFA and want to continue and pass the skills on to our future children. Both graduates of Uconn with B.S. in Animal Science and work off farm as agriculture education teachers at the high school level. Both would love to keep agriculture flourishing in Connecticut.



I am currently a student at the University of Connecticut studying Animal Science, Plant Science and Ecology. Set to graduate in 2010. I manage the Uconn Student Vegetable Farm. I am interested in organic production of mixed vegetable, fruit and livestock.



Experienced grower looking to expand operation in the Waterbury area. Prefer a location which would provide for a small dairy/farm stand cheese operation as well as 10 acres tillable land for vegetable production and greenhouse growing. Additional land for hay/pasture is a plus. Open to long term lease or outright sale.



Beginning farmer is seeking a small parcel of land (1-3 acres, preferably in North Central Connecticut, farmable or pasture land)  to buy or lease in order to develop skills in the agricultural sector. As a vegetable grower, I plan to create an operation that involves a CSA, roadside stand and other avenues of distribution. Currently using conventional methods of farming, I hope to move to include sustainable methods in the future. I am in search of the perfect spot  to begin that transition and work.



I am a young farmer looking to return to my roots in Northern Connecticut agriculture. I have vast experience in sales and marketing, and I am now looking for some potential land to develop into a profitable farm operation.




I have farmed with my family for about 20 years. I have done the work since I was a child and have helped my father grow a farm from a one tractor business to a twenty tractor operation. I did a lot of work by hand like hoeing. I am looking to rent 1-2 acres to grow produce, both vegetables like beans and peppers and fruit like cantaloupes.



Husband and wife team seek to purchase small scale farming (field and specialty crops, orchard) with medium-long term goal toward organic methods of production. Our backgrounds are in education, finance and consulting, but we both have had a life long interest in sustainable food production and land care.



Looking to start livestock farming. Mainly in cattle, chicks and goat. Looking for a place in Connecticut, from Central part to the Northern part of the state. Also interested in vegetable farming.



We are looking for land suitable for vegetables/hay. We currently own a small farm in Stafford Springs and grow hay + rent land to grow vegetables, both fall and summer. We would like additional land to grow crops with either a long term lease or a lease with option to buy. Husband grew up on a retail/wholesale vegetable farm with greenhouses. We are members of the Tolland County Farm Bureau, and wife on the Board of Directors. Husband enjoy growing crops and we hope to find additional land to work with. Husband active in the local community.



Looking for Litchfield county farm and pasture land to be the home of EAGLE Foundations (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Environment) - a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate human development, awareness understanding and leadership through interactions with horses in a naturalized herd environment. I have been operations manager of a large landscape design-build firm in Litchfield county for 17 years and have many professional skills related to construction and land management. For the past 3 years, we have been running a pilot program called "The Horses of Alderlore" from our Winsted property. We are hoping to find a permanent home base for our expanding programs.



Looking for long-term lease or work-to-own opportunity. Prefer an organic farm. Interested in sustainable practices encompassing, but not limited to, chickens, crops, dairy and possibly alpaca.



We are seeking farm in New Milford, Northville or Gaylordsville which would allow us to raise and sell livestock/dairy/meat as well as hay field and crops. Housing would be appreciated, 3+ bedrooms. Responsible couple with some farm experience. Wife has business background, husband has most farm experience.



I need someone with land that will grow corn well. Approx. 10 to to 100 acre. Also someone that has building or slab to put up a silo to dry down the corn and also process clean store. I have a market started in selling early American popcorn started business in '07 to date. I've sold around 32,000 lbs. of popcorn in Big Y, Whole Foods Market, Highland Park Market and Geissler's Supermarket.



Financially competent business professional looking to turn nascent farmer, eager to invest time and sweat into agriculture management. Seeking 20-250 acres of beautiful in-use, multi-use property with farm house for purchase as part-time business and residence. Preference for sustainable and organic farming. Looking to be most involved in vegetable/herb/plant cultivation, orchards, vineyards, and possibly sheep/goat grazing. Would consider leasing out (depending on soils) parcels for row crops, with only tertiary interest in dairy or equestrian activities. Not interested in development.



We are seeking equine property. We have been in operation for a number of years and understand how to provide excellent care and training. We also will introduce a few choice programs that will set us apart. We are honest, hard working and we will improve the value and condition of your (our) property. We are looking to lease or purchase.



Seeking opportunity to develop or lease/purchase an agritainment type farm operation, with pick your own apples, peaches, cherries, blueberries, pumpkins, farm store with land for petting zoo, maybe corn maze. Open to exploring opportunities with non-agritainment farm operation, building from ground up, on land previously used for commercial/wholesale farming. Location a major consideration. Quality of acres is more important than quantity. Have 10 years ag industry experience in various aspects and am familiar with all types of agricultural operations. Have  BS degree from UConn in horticulture plus MS in pomology from Cornell (well versed in the methods of fruit and vegetable production). Have a potential partner with over 20 years experience raising and breeding animals. My goals align well with person(s) interested in maintaining land in agriculture, who understand the constraints faced by a start up farmer, and are willing to negotiate creative solutions for all parties involved.



I am a young man with an engineering degree from UConn. I have grown up on a small farm and it is a huge part of who I am. My entire life I have been around and involved with animals, haying, equipment, maple syrup production, and much more. My extremely hard-working attitude and character will compliment and conserve any family farm and/or business. I have a strong desire to live and raise a family on a small farm of my own, but am not a  millionaire as real estate would suggest I need to be. Please contact references on my character, qualities, and ability.



Vegetable farmer with more than 20 years experience and a diploma in agriculture looking for  20-40 acres of cropland, to expand production. Need 5-10 year lease.



Professional couple looking to purchase 25+ acres for organic gardening, possible vineyard. Grew up in Michigan farming. Would like to transition back. Housing not necessary. Litchfield/Hartford County preferred.


09-0076              REVISED

Experienced Organic Small Farmer seeks 10 - 12 acres of farm land in Central or Southern Hartford, Southern Litchfield, Northern New Haven, or Northern Fairfield Counties. House/Residence and barn are not necessary, but will consider. Continuous water access and property access are necessary. Looking for long-termed lease with a future option to purchase.

09-0080              REVISED

Semi-retired carpenter/gardener is seeking farm-able land to work and grow organic food to sell throughout "full retirement" with his wife who is a certified organic gardener. The farm is also to be an educational center to support and promote the importance of sound farm practices and land preservation. We are open to options but will need to live on the farm. Need close proximity to Farmington area.  Many good years of working left.



Looking for property to grow vegetables. Willing to work to own or lease to buy. Also willing to be working partner with someone with capital. I have been raising veggies for twenty two years. Currently also raising laying hens and rabbits. Currently practicing and studying organic growing and sustainable management. Also looking to do sugar bush.



We would like to operate a small to mid-sized farm from which we would grow, manufacture and sell traditional New England fruit wines. Our years of experience in growing grapes and berries stems from four generations of wine making knowledge. We would like to work with an existing farm to establish a farm winery.



I am looking to buy a farm and be operational by next spring. If a lease option is in place. I am hard working with a never say quit attitude.



I am looking for an economical base for a small free-range poultry operation, possibly organic as well. I have worked for the past 2 years at Bristol's/Wild Carrot Farm in Canton. I raise poultry for family and friends and am looking to expand, but it is not feasible on my own property.



Looking to lease hay fields around Lebanon or local to this area. Land must be 10 or more acres.



I would like to lease acreage with option to buy or work to own. I plant to grow organic vegetables to sell at a farm stand and to local restaurants. I would also like this to be a learning center for children to visit and perhaps consider becoming a farmer. I have an excellent work ethic; I am a people person, love children. My ten years experience was at my grandparents’ farm in Quebec, Canada. I spent many school vacations there, the cumulative of those vacations is approximately 10 years, plus residing there for five years after graduation.  A total of about ten years combined working experience. The time frame was in the 50’s. Work included clearing, tilling, sowing, pitching hay for livestock, cleaning barn, etc. I have been healthy and active all my life and do not want to retire to a rocking chair.



I currently farm part time with hired labor. I would expand the size of our farm if I could find available land at a reasonable price.



I am  dedicated and hard working man, trying to raise my children with the same mentality. I have my CDL license and I am just looking for a nice piece of land to till when I come home. God, Family and Country.



Our current situation is that we need a place to live right away because our current rent has increased drastically! We are a young couple who is very tidy, quiet, responsible and hard working with a wide range of skills. Our family consists of of 2 horses, 2 paralyzed dogs and 2 cats, all of whom we have rescued. We need a place to accommodate us ASAP to rent, rent to own, etc. Our dream has always been to have a farm or at least a homestead where we can live off the land. We have plans to  begin a composting business although we are open to any kind of farming. We just want a farm. Our budget to purchase a farm is very low although our passion to farm is very big. We are CT Farm Bureau members.



Looking for farm, livestock-based. We are certified organic  and would love to find a non-working farm in Northern New Haven County or Southern Middlesex County for a long term "lease to own". We presently own 80 + acres. We are looking to expand our cattle operations to provide local grass fed beef. The owners can have lifetime use of any residence that may exist if a purchase. We will personally maintain and operate the farm.



I am interested in buying a minimum of 5 acres north or west of Hartford suitable for growing vegetables. Plan is to establish a non-profit organization to involve, serve and benefit low-income persons and to provide informal education on sustainable agricultural practices.



2011 Graduate of the University of Connecticut-Bachelor's Degree in Horticulture looking to buy land for a retail nursery business. Have been in the nursery business 8 years working in retail and growing. Come from a long line of German farmers.



Looking for a farm to raise registered Jersey dairy cows in new London county. The farm will be self-sustaining, so farm needs to be large enough to raise the hay needed for the cows. Prefer to purchase the farm. Applicant is the retired President of Hart Industries.



I have had a passion for flowers all my life and fell in love with gardening as a teen working with my dad in his garden. Looking to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables  as a business as I return home to Connecticut in January 2011.



We are farming family with 20 years 20 years experience in commercial vegetable producing and beef cattle management. We have rented the majority of our land and have a number of satisfied  landowner. We have always run a solid operation using best management practices. Looking to rent, work to own, or find lease with option to buy. At least 40 acres.



We're students looking to change our lives and others. The goal, in brief, is to educate and enlighten the populace by teaching alternatives in food and medicine. We want to set an example for sustainable and organic living. We’re currently studying sustainable building and plan to build/renovate a home that is as close to 100% sustainable. Farming should come as a way of life, not shopping. We aspire to give back to the planet that has given us so much, down to our very existence. We plan to succeed immensely through our education, family, friends and community. We’re looking for 10+ acres that is either developed or not. We plan on having chickens and potentially other animals. We have some experience, and are constantly learning more to improve our way of life. We are open to any options available and are excited to start our new lives.


We are a couple with Connecticut roots and farming experience and are looking to start a sheep and wool operation in CT.  Our goal is to fined a farm house on 15-20 acres plus, to raise sheep, goats,  a few beef cattle and some poultry. We would like to  negotiate the purchase of a property in Windham or Tolland county that has suitable pasture, water, barn, a garage and possibly spare living quarters. We love the farm life and want to keep it going.



Looking for partnership, lease and for purchase options for 1+ tillable acres. Operation would include garden produce for farmers market/direct marketing with the possibility  of Ag Tourism after time. Raised on dairy/livestock/garden produce operation in Nebraska. B.S. in Business Administration and three months specialized training in ag marketing. Other experiences include ag marketing in Peace Corps Guatemala and Executive Director of a rural economic development nonprofit. Bilingual Spanish. Looking to start small and grow while incorporating sustainability. I'm also willing to start in production and sales of an established operation.


10-0105 REVISED

Hard working family looking for an opportunity to expand our farm business.   We presently operate a maple sugar operation and a small vegetable farm that we would like expand through the lease or purchase of additional land.  Our (4) children range in age from 10 to 15 and they are all involved with the business.  We are no stranger to physical work and long hours in addition to a great deal of business management experience.  We thank you for giving our application your consideration.



We are a young farming couple looking for land to rent for hay, corn and possibly putting more animals on the land in the future.  We currently run our 30 acre farm in Eastford CT, so close to that vicinity would work well for us.  We do not need to have a building on the property, but wouldn't mind if there was one there. Our mission is to provide fresh local, naturally grown heritage pork, chicken & turkeys to institutional and retail clients, and believe that food grown with love, tastes the best! We pasture-raise our pigs, and poultry- we do not believe in the use of antibiotics and growth hormones in our program. We want to bring back the local farmers!



Looking to buy or lease w/option. Looking for land for vineyard/winery (experienced grower). With or without development rights. Minimum 10 acres.



Looking to lease and/or buy farm land to increase acres I currently farm. Looking for land for haying and nursery use.



Looking for farmland to lease with a buy option or buy if the owner is willing to hold the loan. Anywhere from 5-100 acres in  Hartford, Tolland, Windham, Middlesex and New London Counties.  Need land for the production of Jamaican vegetables and livestock (mainly goats).  No home required. Outbuildings preferred but not necessary.


08-0056 REVISED

Young farmer looking to expand and start my own livestock farm. Owned animals( goats, dairy cattle, beef, and horses) for over 10 years. Looking to expand interests. Been in FFA and 4H for years Backed and supported by experience, and family. Fully committed to do what it takes to succeed as this is my lifelong dream.




Kids are grown now, so husband and wife team are looking to rent, lease, lease option, partnership or manage a small farm.  Not too big not too small.  We have 50+ years combined experience and knowledge of various types of farming from animal husbandry, organic gardening, equipment operation, maintenance and repair.  We have designed and built many different kinds of structures so we have the knowledge, ability and tools to repair or maintain any structure as needed. We are open to ideas and discussing what direction to take our future and your farm.  We prefer housing on property with access to a garage and barn but we are open to options.



Farmer looking to expand. We currently raise all natural pastured broilers, herbs, veggies and salad greens. We have taken the CT NOFA farmers pledge and would like to find a farm to grow into with similar practices. Have many years of farm experience in the field of agriculture. We have outgrown our farm and need a larger farm. Would love to find a farm with established pasture for our chickens and a well-maintained home. Any equipment available would be a bonus.



I am engineer by trade. The truth I never farmed. I recently started reading  a book about naturopathic medicine and I realized that I could be very productive in starting a farm that help provides organic foods of all sorts to our nation. I believe in healthy living and I also live and eat healthy so I thought let me be a pioneer in the healthy lifestyle living by operating a farm that will offer that kind of life to others.



Husband and wife looking to live on a farm and grow vegetables and fruit trees. Looking to bring 5 goats (does) and 12 chickens with us, with concentrated interest in vegetable and fruit farming. Will need equipment to work the land. Will need some sort of housing with 2 bedrooms.



We need a small barn to house a small herd of dairy cows and goats. We also need a 3 bedroom house with a farm stand location. We are a responsible couple with many years experience dairy farming as well as farm related enterprises including a very successful farm stand. References can be provided.



I am a farmer currently working on a large, diversified farm in  Hampshire County, MA. I currently work mainly with cut flower crops, and will be the Head Flower Grower in the next growing season. As the flower apprentice, I help manage the 112-member flower CSA, pick-your-own area, wholesale, farm stand, and farmers' market sales. I  have also worked for a small organic farm in Eastern C. I am hoping to start an organic farm in Pomfret, my hometown. I would like to grow a variety of food crops while continuing to grow cur flowers (as they have proven to be quite lucrative). I have a college degree in liberal arts, and a farming philosophy in which soil fertility is strengthened and where petroleum use is minimized. I hope to plant strawberries and other crops that take a year or more to establish in 2012 with a first harvest in 2013, Pomfret's 301st year!



Young married couple looking to buy property with an existing farm on it or to start a new farm. Lane must have a minimum of 20 acres(including at least 5 tillable acres), a house on the property, and a reliable irrigation source. A barn and/or gently used equipment are a plus, but not a requirement. Our operation would involve growing organic vegetables and fruit to sell at a farm stand and farmers' markets. We plan on eventually raising chickens for egg production as well. We have little hands-on experience (worked in our parents' gardens growing up), but we are gaining knowledge daily and are not afraid of the hard work involved in running a farm. Wife has experience working in a retail nursery, as well as degrees in biology and business. We want to raise future children to value giving back to the land and the community.



Seeking a parcel for strawberry production and marketing. Need a site with well drained soil, irrigation access and good public access. Also consider apple or peach orchard site. 25 years experience in agriculture.



Looking for farmland to grow grapes for family run vineyard. A minimum of 5 tillable acres but will consider larger acreage. Looking to buy, with or without house.



Couple looking for an existing farm or one that is able to be put back into service. We plan to farm in retirement, and may look for a farm that offers expansion, and/or diversification depending on what is available. Some degree of training may be necessary. We plan to farm in retirement and may look for a a farm that offers expansion and /or diversification depending on what is available. Some degree of training may be necessary.



Looking to expand an existing horse facility. Currently operate a lesson and training facility. Looking to add more boarding and training. There is no room to add horses in my current location. Can build the facility from raw land, or walk into existing facility. Lease or buy, or very open to creative options!



Married couple looking for land to build a self-sustaining, organic farm with an emphasis on permaculture practices. Husband grew up farming, wife has experience managing a garden center. Both have a lifetime of experience and a passion for farming. Products produced on farm  include: goat fiber, pick your own berries, bee keeping, egg laying chickens, vegetables,  herbs and flowers.


08-0039 REVISED

Currently have a herd of registered Jerseys looking to relocate.  Open to tie stall or free stall operations.  Would consider a turnkey operation or something that needs work.  Also willing to team up with someone to do something value added or processing the milk.  Prefer land to grow crops but will look at purchased feed operations as well.  Willing to look at facilities that would accommodate anywhere from 30 to a few hundred head.


Farm family seeks fully functional sound and clean tie-stall or stanchion bar for a small dairy in Connecticut. Interested in shipping milk or fitting into a cheese or yogurt specialty operation, milking approximately 40 head. We own 25 registered Jersey show cows that will produce with or without your established herd. Access to grass pasture and local feed, corn and hay a must. We will consider buying, leasing, partnership or work to own. Our hardworking family has been raising registered dairy cows for 30 years. Strong in heifer/calf raising, veterinary care, genetic improvement and overall herd management. On site housing needed.



Young and energetic couple seeking first Farm Manager position. I have spent the past two years working on and off farms across the country gaining experiential education in organic agriculture. I am very much interested in applying the techniques and methods of no-till gardening to a larger scale farming system. I am very interested in climate/ecosystem sustainability, as such, my farming practices would reflect that. I have apprenticed on a CSA model,  certified organic farm as well as a for-profit permaculture farm. I would like to couple the ethic of the CSA farm (high-yield, high quality veggies) with the innovative and the more practical systems of permaculture. If you are interested in starting a dialogue. Please contact me! Thanks!



We are a young, experienced farm family looking to purchase 100 acres or more with at least 40 or more acres in level hay fields. Currently we have small herd of beef cattle and would like to expand. We need some pasture suitable for draft horses. The ideal property would have buildings for hay, equipment and some livestock and have two dwellings or one dwelling and the ability to build one more. We would like to have water on the property, either a viable pond or year-round stream.



Looking for a farm that can be turned into a day/residential work/life program for adults who are disabled. Would like to start with field crops, add a greenhouse, horse rescue and therapeutic riding program, orchard and eventually a bakery.



Former Navy seal (Officer) seeking 20-200+ Acres. TO farm in a sustainable, beyond organic model. Ideal Location would be pastures for cows (beef, Dairy), mobile chicken coops (Eggs), Mobile Greenhouses producing 30-40- types of vegetables throughout the year, and a variety of now-till field crops. Very flexible in Lease/sale structure.





Hard-working, environmentally and socially conscious couple who for the past five years have been gardening organically, cultivating 25 raised beds on the half acre suburban property we own, seek to purchase up to a 200 acres property that has been pesticide free for the past two years to practice organic vegetable and flower gardening, grow fruit trees, keep chickens and other small livestock and offer educational programs in environmental rejuvenation. Ideally, we envision this property to have existing farm structure(s) and living space. We view this as a long-term investment in providing organic food, as well as knowledge about sustainable and just practices, for our family and the community around us as we are able.



I teach sociology courses on "Food" and "Climate Change" and want students to experience and create sustainable solutions to our food, energy (climate) and social crises. Your land, knowledge and commitment could work to help teach students learn to live in more sustainable and equitable ways.



We are a Family looking to become more self-sustainable. We have a small farm but want to expand, explore and learn the farming life. We run a small bakery and would like to include this in our farm.



My family and I come from a long line of sustainable organic farmers. we love and respect the land and our environment. We understand and enjoy all aspects of cultivating and nurturing the farm. we practice the eastern philosophy of living in harmony with the land and our environment, while still being able to extract all the productivity that the home can deliver.



Young couple with 3 years of experience on organic farms looking for own farm enterprise opportunity. interested in organic vegetables, berries, cut flowers, laying hens and broilers. All sustainably and organically managed. Open to employment, leasing, partnership or transfer. Ideally seeking 5 to 12 acres.



Seeking open land that can be tilled for the growing of corn and other grains. I am willing to clear overgrown fields or pastures to make tillable as partial payment for use of property. I am a small operation that wants to expand and keep farming in Eastern CT.  I will look at all possibilities from whole farm rentals to individual parcel rentals. I have my own equipment, no buildings required.



Seeking a lease or lease to purchase farm/lot with a 1,000+ SOF outbuilding/modern barn. Cement floor 12+ foot high ceilings, wide access door, working electric service (single or three phase) and a functional septic system is mandatory. Building will be used to house a self contained mobile cheese making unit. A working dairy farm willing to sell milk to the cheese making operation is a plus but not mandatory. Interested in a long term lease or lease to purchase situation.



Young beginning farmer seeking 2+ tillable acres for organic, heirloom vegetable production. Certified Master Gardeners with formal business and environmental science/public health degrees. Would use sustainable practices and have CSA/farmers market sales. Looking for crop share/lease/with option to buy with right property. Tractor/tiller required, barn/outbuilding and housing would be a plus but not required.


I am a hardworking young man, with a college education, looking for an opportunity to manage, own, or be employed full-time on a farm in CT. I have 10 years experience working on a farm, with a background in: sweet corn, vegetables, maintenance, hay, beef cattle, free-range chickens, goats, tractor and machinery operation and maintenance, sales, marketing, general farm upkeep, and more. I am a fast learner and am willing to branch into other fields of farming. Ideally looking for a work to own, employ to own, or partnership, but will accept lease, management or any other employment if the situation is right. Preference is full-time employment, but I do have a second job to supplement if needed. Housing is preferred, but not necessary. Possibility of bringing my father, who has 25+ years farm management experience, on as a partner. Very flexible, open to any opportunity!



Young farmer looking for a farm with at least 20 acres and a barn in either Litchfield or New Haven County. I am interested in developing a vegetable CSA as well as raising grass fed beef, chicken and pigs. I intend to use sustainable farming methods. I am open to a long term lease, lease to own or work to own.



Wanted: Reasonably priced livestock farm. Farm fenced with  a barn for six horses, grass turnout or pastures. Covered arena preferred. Must have a hours or a carriage house/apt. to live in. Can make a long term commitment for the right property. Excellent references.



I am the president of a non-profit educational  farm as well as the owner of Fischer Farms. These two organizations work very closely in order to provide farm education experiences for those interested in sustainable agriculture. As the owner of the Fischer Farms,  I am seeking additional land for cash crop and livestock production. Our current 1.7 acres does not allow us to produce enough variety and quantity to be truly sustainable. I am seeking property in the greater New Haven area and I am willing and ready to work closely with property owners to ensure a mutually beneficial arrangement. I am not seeking land to be used as classroom space, however, if that is acceptable to the owner, and the town, I would be willing to explore that possibility.



My life-long dream has been to own/operate a small livestock and organic produce farm and give back to my community. Eager to expand knowledge to be able to run large farm. Experienced with dairy cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits and gardening. Owned and operated a small automotive business and worked at grocery stores. In my spare time, I enjoy tooling and dying leather. The experience of my recent incarceration has me motivated to help other female ex felons as well, and to develop a safe haven for troubled women, a re-entry program. With guidance and education we can contribute positive input to society. With training, we can be the “Big Push “ to form a farming community called “The Salvaged Sisters Farm”. Extensive hands-on education and skills through the years will be beneficial to my future education in this field. Thank you for initiating a professional and meaningful relationship, which will inspire all future farmers and the farming industry.


10-0129 REVISED

I have been producing maple syrup and maple products for 5yrs and I’m in need of some more productive maple trees, as i would like to increase  my maple production. I currently tap 150-200 trees, mostly red maples which are currently on my family's farm, the red maples aren’t very well suited for maple syrup production. I am in search of a small to medium size lot w/ access from the street, with an excellent count of sugar maples. I would prefer a long term lease or lease w/ option to buy, but I’m open to any arrangement that is favorable to both parties. would like to be able to set up a tubing system and possibly vacuum for sap collection. i would prefer to stay in the general Lebanon area or within a 10-15mi radius in order to stay close to the sugar house to process the sap. I grew up on a farm in CT and have many yrs of farm experience. Looking for trees in New London county or Lebanon, Bozrah, Franklin, Coventry, Mansfield, and Windham.



Seeking farm ownership opportunity (vs. farm operating opportunity). Open to standard and creative farm transition solutions (e.g. outright purchase, lease to own, transitional partnerships, etc.). Mid-thirties, married, professional couple motivated to live on and own an organic fruit and vegetable operation (considering potential for animals). Settling down for long term. Will hire our own full-time farm staff. Open to improving an existing operation or  starting new. Soil quality and location most important (open to location). Open to on-site structures (tear-down or new) and equipment but not necessary. Combined experience: 4 seasons farming, strong relationships in CT farming community, knowledgeable on all aspect of farm productions, equipment/tractor experience. Very strong communication and business skills, 10+ years of business experience with Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial ventures and financial advisory. 10+ educational experience 2 Masters degrees (1 in business from a Top 10 school), Spanish language fluency.



Westbrook mother and daughter seeking farm to work to own or long term lease. 20+ years experience boarding horses. 10 years experience raising dairy cattle. A barn is needed for milking and 40 or so acres for rotational grazing and feed production.



Looking to buy or lease 1-5 acres of tillable land or meadows to establish market garden. Irrigation pond would be nice.



Hard-working couple in our 30's looking  to find property to utilize for sustainable farming of livestock and possible CSA. Willing to reclaim property as needed and turn it into our dream and a good place to raise our family. Prefer a minimum of 10-15 acres. Many years combined experience farming and have great ideas to keep property as a working farm!



We have a retired school horse and a pair of mini donkeys (as well as indoor animals.) We would like to rent a farm. We have been taking care of 12.5 acres with a barn, tack room, large storage/garage, and a riding ring. Our large animals will have to be sold or given away if we cannot find a home for them. There are two of us, and our college age daughter at times. We can learn to take care of other animals. We will be happy to look at any form of rental. We can share work, care take or learn farming. We are both handy with tools. We are willing to take courses in the specifics of your operation. Personally, we are mature, friendly, respectable, reliable, quiet couple. Please help us keep our four-legged family together. Thank you!



I would like to start a farm business, provide food and ornamental plants, be a steward of a parcel of land, all while living with my family. I miss farming and gardening, and seek to align my professional career as the director of the NOFA Organic Land Care Program with my passion for horticulture.



We have over 3 years working on organic/sustainable farms (vegetable CSA, livestock and diversified farms), and are currently running our own cut-flower farm for the 2013 season in the Hudson Valley. We have a vision of creating a small, dynamic farm model that includes cut flowers, salad and specialty greens/vegetables year-round, and a small flock of heritage laying hens. We would like a large portion of our crops to be established through perennial plantings including the flowers, specialty vegetables, and berries/fruit. We plan to grown high quality, nutritious greens through the winter months in greenhouses using season extension methods. We hope to use our eye for design by selling our flower arrangements through farmers markets and for local weddings and events.



I breed and raise Lowline Angus and have kids show them at fairs and livestock shows. I am looking for 5-25 acres of pasture land for my cattle. I presently have 8 cows and one bull. All are excellent with fence and don't bother it. The breed is very easy and extremely manageable. My lease is ending at my present farm and the owner wants to use the farm for other uses.



  I am looking for a farm to lease and/or buy for growing crops. I have all the proper equipment and customers as I have been selling hay for past few years and corn ears, also. I have been farming with 17 years experience and 5 years on my own at a large dairy farm. Also looking for open fields to rent of at least 10+ acres for hay and corn.



Seeking to own (lease to buy, work to own) a Pick Your Own Berry Farm, preferably blueberries and raspberries. Organic berries are preferred. Location should be in Tolland or Windham county and also Lebanon, CT and other bordering towns to those counties. We could start a new berry farm if land and location are suitable with or without existing housing.



We are interested in building a greenhouse that will be organically certified with the equipment we are providing. We mainly need 2 or 3 acres of flat land with a good southern exposure to build our greenhouse on. If you have greenhouses for rent we would seriously consider that!



Serafina Says Farm is a vegetable and superfood farm offering organically grown, non-GMO produce as well as health coaching and wellness classes. The farm offers a Community Supported Agriculture Farm Share and sells at Farmers’ Markets, to high- end restaurants and to food co-ops. The farm is currently leasing land, and is beginning the search for farmland to purchase. Once on permanent land, the farm will also serve as a wellness center and education center Most important, the farm is looking for good land for growing vegetables, a water source, proximity and routes to suburban/urban areas, and a mix of topography (forest, slopes, flat land). A farmhouse is desirable, barn/ greenhouse, additional structures would be a plus.



Help support a dynamic idea and improve the Connecticut recycling and agricultural landscape. Need farm, preferably organic and in the Fairfield County area (open to other locations). Cash-strapped visionary entrepreneur, creating very high-quality all-natural organic soil amendment/fertilizer with highly beneficial microbes using the vermiculture (worms) process. Building out a business plan. Looking for larger location to grow business with four tiered mission: Fighting humankind’s detrimental effect on the environment by re-directing and converting pre-consumer food scrap waste (mostly wasted veggies/fruits) headed to landfills armed with an army of earthworms; Focusing on creating high quality, natural microbial supported organic soil amendments to increase crop yields and reinforce plants’ natural disease fighting mechanisms;  strengthening Connecticut’s local economy -- made and operated in America for Americans: and, Donating percentage of profits to environmental / humanitarian causes after certain milestones are achieved. Access to rain water, carbon sources (leaves/saw dust/hay etc.), and an in-door structure is a plus. Open to ideas.


09-0074 REVISED

I recently earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture Plant Science at UCONN’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources. My work history, internships and study abroad in Tuscany (sustainable agriculture and economics) and a broad range of classes have made me a good candidate for leasing land intended for organic/sustainable production. I am also involved in food policy and education. I am also involved in food policy advocacy and education. I support the practice of shifting from monocultures to polycultures and biodiversity and more progressive initiatives of the Farm Bill vision of 2060.



Looking for barn and land to use to raise beef cattle, make hay and eventually milk to sell raw milk.



My goal is to find someone who is willing to let me work to own, take over, or partnership. I would like to have Christmas trees for winter, vegetables for spring, summer, fall and hops for a fall harvest. I have been gardening/farming and growing hops for many years and would like to bring it to the next level. A little about myself, I am 29, I was in the Marine Corps, I have a wife and two kids. I am a hard worker and have a passion for farming. I am currently going to school to earn on Associate Degree in Horticulture and have completed a certificate program in the past.  I also volunteer at the CT Agricultural Experiment on their hop program.



Young man looking to raise beef/dairy as well as hay and feed corn. Have friends and family that would like to help as well. I want to help preserve existing farmland by assisting and maintaining agricultural way. Will use land and maintain farm for use. Can possibly lease to own. If available, will rent housing as well. Can bring own equipment and livestock. Steady income and support system as well, determined and willing to succeed.



Farmer with 20 years experience in agriculture wants to work with land owners in organic sustainable farming.  Looking for a potential partner to work with a honest and hard working farmer. Will bring my sales, marketing, packaging skills and nature skills to the table.



Beginning farmer looking to acquire rental/lease, or rent with option to buy farm property, with nice farmhouse. 10 plus acres; tillable land -  4 plus acres for sustainable organic fruits and vegetables, and to raise organic livestock (poultry). The farm will need to consist of several barns/outbuildings. It would also be a wonderful amenity to have a pond on the property. The farmhouse needs to be at least 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a large kitchen, and, a full basement. Please help me bring my vision alive, as you assist me to contribute to the preservation of the farmland. Thank you.



Mid-age couple wit high education in agriculture and life science seek a small-scale farm land for vegetable and livestock in New Haven county. It could be rent or labor and technical exchange or buy.



Our children need organic foods. My desire is to lease/manage/buy a farm I can rehab to organic production, with fruit trees, chickens, veggies, a farm stand, hay rides in the fall, Christmas trees, and one or two bedrooms in the old farmhouse as B&B. High risk teens will spend time working the farm, smelling and appreciating the value of nature. I have experience rehabbing a farm in NC.





farm stand in fall

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