Welcctgrownome to Connecticut FarmLink Program

Do you and your family have a plan for the farmland you own? Are you a young farmer who is looking for land? According to state statute, The Connecticut FarmLink Program and website is designed to be a clearinghouse for the transition between generations of farmers with the goal of keeping farmland in production.  Farmland is irreplaceable.  There is a new generation of young farmers who want to be tomorrow’s Stewards of the Land. But they do not have land to work.

We hope you use this site as a place to link people who have land to farm with people who want to farm but don’t have land. 

Help us to keep farmland working. Use this site to find farmland partners, to transition and plan, and help us keep farming in Connecticut, for generations to come.

Farm owners or farm seekers can use this site to share information with other owners and seekers registered with the FarmLink Program. Below you will find a summary of the procedures for the program. If you have any questions, or need further assistance, please call the Connecticut Department of Agriculture, Farmland Preservation at 860-713-2511. Thanks!



Farm Owners and Farm Seekers must register by completing either a Farm Seeker Application or Farm Owner Application which includes a description of your farm or your needs for farmland. It is important this description is a true representation of your situation since it will serve as your advertisement on the website. You will be contacted by others based upon this description. Please mail the signed and completed and signed questionnaire to:

Connecticut FarmLink Program
CT Department of Agriculture
Farmland Preservation Division
165 Capitol Avenue, Room G-8A
Hartford, Connecticut 06106


After we receive your completed Application we will send you a confirmation letter including your assigned case number. The description you provided in your application will be added to the Connecticut FarmLink website along with your case number, which will serve as your only identification on the site. Published listings will never include your full contact information. Updates to your description are your responsibility and must be submitted in writing to the Department of Agriculture at the address listed at left.  Submitted updates will be published on the website a minimum of four times a year. If you a FarmLink participant and ask for an application, we will happily mail it out to you! In turn, we mail your application out to the FarmLink member that you requested info on. This is allow both parties to have enough information to discuss a link! Don't forget! We are here if you have any questions.

How Do I Find A Match?

The Connecticut FarmLink Program offers a free, abbreviated website listing for registered farm owners and registered farm seekers.

The following links provide lists of current opportunities available in the Connecticut FarmLink Program.

Farm Seeker List
Farm Owner List

Staff in Department’s Marketing Division can then send the full application from our listings to any registered program member as requested.

If you find a listing that looks promising, please make sure to register by filling out a farm seeker or farm owner application first.  After you are a member of this program, you call (860) 713-2511. Please have your case number handy! You will be asked for your own case number along with the case number of the description of interest.

Want to join the program? Fill out the appropriate application:

Farm Seeker Application

Farm Owner Application

and mail it back to:

CT Dept of Agriculture

FarmLink Program

165 Capitol Avenue

Room G-8A

Hartford, CT 06106

Any application, deemed incomplete or inappropriate for posting, will be reviewed by the agency. The agency reserves the right to reject inappropriate applications. Unsigned or incomplete applications cannot be processed. Please save yourself time by completing your application- it speeds up the process!